March 27, 2024

HF RMS coverage Area

RMS Packet Coverage Area

Saline  County  ARES

Saline County Arkansas

This image shows a sampling of stations that have connected through our gateways:

Since we have put our RMS HF Gateways in operation, over 175 unique stations indicated by the markers have made contact through them: (Note: only the US stations are shown in this image.)

On July 1, 2018 Saline County ARES put their very own Winlink RMS Packet Gateway on the air from the EOC. This allows any user to connect using Winlink Express Packet Mode to the CMS servers in order to pass information via email world wide.

On December 20, 2018, we added to our Winlink RMS Gateways by adding services (VARA HF) on 40 meters, allowing coverage to users up to almost 2,000 miles distant (to date)!

On March 26, 2024 we added a Vara FM Gateway to the existing Packet RMS. This is now a dual mode gateway that automatically detects Packet or Vara FM protocol.

(For more information concerning Winlink Express, please visit :


Dual mode RMS Packet (Ax.25 protocol): Frequency:   145.030     Call Sign:     AD5EO

                   Vara FM high speed (Wide)    Frequency     145.030    Call Sign      AD5EO

     Kenwood TM-V71A with a DRA-45 TNC (RMS Packet SysOps Software), Diamond X510HDN dual band antenna.

HF:  (VARA HF) Call Sign:     AD5EO     40M 500 Frequency:  Center:  7.096.000 mHz,  Dial:  7.094.5 mHz 

                                                               40M 2300 Frequency Center 7.103.000 mHz,  Dial  7.101.5 mHz

    Icom IC-7100 with a standard USB cable to connect to the computer (RMS Trimode SysOps Software), OCF Dipole antenna.