Saline County ARES

(Amateur Radio Emergency Service)

Saline County ARES is a volunteer Amateur Radio organization that provides assistance to the Saline County Office of Emergency Management, Public Service Events in the local area, and training to ham radio operators for emergency communications situations. .We are a part of ARRL's ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service). We activate any time there is an emergency situation that requires other than normal "in place" communications systems. We have an on-air net every Monday evening at 7:30 pm on the 146.805 repeater, negative offset, 131.8 PL tone, with the exception of the first Monday of the month when we meet face-to-face at the Saline County Regional Airport conference room. 

We are active as a part of the SKYWARN System any time severe weather encroaches on the county, and if the need arises, are a part of RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service) which is authorized by the County OEM to interact with FEMA and Homeland Security (among other agencies) to ensure information gets through in the case of a major incident.

To get started with ARES, all you need is a valid amateur radio operator's license, some basic equipment and the willingness to give back to your community. No additional training is required to be a field operator with ARES.

Updated July 16, 2018

Saline  County  ARES

Saline County Arkansas